Posted on: December 21, 2008 1:20 am

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

As we move into the holiday season, this weekend is loaded for all kinds of fans. You had a Saturday filled with premium college hoops that had the atmosphere of an NCAA Tournament in March, you have a Sunday where there are divisional crowns, first-round byes are at stake in the NFL, and not to mention that college football started its beginning of the bowl season! Its enough to keep you looking for batteries because you have use the remote too much! It is truly a time where as a sports fan the Holidays are a blessing!

Nevertheless, although sports are a viable aspect of American culture, specifically within this time of the year, it is not the most important. This time of season, is for those to look within themselves to help those that are around them feel a little more positive, happier, and feel brighter. It is a time where we all should look towards lending a helping hand towards other, to help make their lives a little more meaningful. Whether that's preparing a meal for someone who is hungry, giving gifts to someone that you don't know, or just being a merrier person when interacting with people.

There's nothing wrong with watching the Rose Bowl, the Titans and Steelers, Connecticut and Gonzaga, or seeing whether Manny Ramirez or Mark Teixiera has been traded for ridiculous amounts of money. But remember to help someone in having a brighter holiday season!

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