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Posted on: June 18, 2009 4:04 pm

What's that sound, finally haters quieting

I've been waiting to say this for a while. I've been hearing all the negativity, the reasons, excuses why Kobe Bryant would never win a NBA Championship. The sole reason that he won his previous championships was because he was with Shaquille O'Neal. He could never lead his team to a championship because he was too selfish, and his ego would just compromise the team. Not a true team player, and just out for his own glory.

Nevertheless, the critics you need to sit back and just live with the fact that Kobe Bryant just proved all of you wrong. He showed that he does not need one person around him to win, but a great supporting cast. He did what he needed to do to win. Whether it was communicating with them on the court or in the huddle, or making clutch shots and nice plays in a tight game, KB lead his team in many ways and they responded well.

They said Kobe couldn't make other players around him better. Well I would like to know who knew that Trevor Ariza would grow to become such a considerable part of the Lakers success this seaon. Oh, he was practicing against Kobe everyday for a year and a half. Pau Gasol played with more aggression and intensity this season, with a full season with Kobe, and even Lamar Odom rose his level of play to another level. I believe that with another season younger players like Jordan Farmar, Andrew Bynum, and Shannon Brown their play will be better because of Bryant's presence on the court.

This title speaks volumes of Kobe's character. He showed, in stellar fashion, that he could effectively lead his team to the NBA Title, and that you do not need a Shaq to win one. Period. Even though I hate the Lakers with a passion, Kobe is the man and will be the best player in the league heading into next year, and he will have his team poised to repeat!

So all the naysayers, haters, and critics of Kobe Bryant; your job is no more, your purpose has been served. Because any additional accolades and achievements that Bryant reaches will just be another kick in the groin to you because you people done nothing but spit venom towards the best basketball player in the world today. Now go find another victum because Kobe has risen to a level that you will never get to see!


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