Posted on: November 15, 2008 8:59 pm

Recession, What Recession?!

As I look around the sports world today, specifically in baseball, I am constantly blown away. In current economic times where people can't afford health care coverage, or can't  pay off their mortgages, people are daily fighting an uphill battle to prepare themselves for the fiscal future that is come.

However, during this same time, I marvel at the free agent period within the MLB Off-season. Thanksgiving has not even arrived yet, but general managers around the league are acting like Santa Clauses with the way they have been throwing these hefty contract offers to the top free agents.

In particular, Manny Ramirez, Mark Teixeira, and CC Sabathia. These three superstars alone contradict the fact that America is regressing while they are collecting on their not so small fortunes. For these guys, negotiations start at over 9 figures! That number leaves me speechless, and the fact that the Yankees, Angels, Dodgers, and even the Cubs would love to be those that provides them the financial security is a testament to priorities in America.

Its not to say that those three and other free agents don't command that much or are not worth  that much, still when will it end if there is not a salary cap or limit put in place? Professional athletes can just use that leverage to the point that it gets utterly out of control. As a matter of fact, we are right on the edge of that point just waiting to be pushed over!
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